Sunday, July 31, 2011

learning how to say . . .

i haven't posted on here in forever. why haven't i posted? well, it's kind of funny. every now and then, an idea would come to my head - i'll think to myself "i could blog about that." it seems like a great idea at the time.

but then i think to myself, "well, i haven't blogged in a long time. so i will first need to post a blog explaining why i haven't blogged in so long. i have to explain to people what's been going on - i need to apologize. because i've been one of those people that blogs but then loses interest and stops."

and that seems like a lot of work, so i just don't get around to it.

but really, i'm not really blogging for anyone else. i'm really blogging because i like to write. so i don't really need to apologize (and it's not like anyone was upset with me anyways). so without any fanfare, without any big announcements or hoopla, i'm posting a blog post.

"i'm learning how to say that i'd be happy either way . . ."

Monday, August 23, 2010

rogaine brand ambassador

hi everyone!

summer is winding down and i'm realizing i didn't get to relax nearly as much as i planned on (see previous post). i actually ended up working and running around all summer . . . which turned out OK because i like what i do. so all is well!

i figured i should post about a few of the things i was up to this summer. but before i tell you the story of how i was a rogaine brand ambassador (!), i need to tell you that i'm dating a model.

yes, i'm still dating gary, who we all know and love (see previous blog post from last year). but some of you may not know that in addition to working full time as a marketing director for american express, he's also a part-time rogaine model! the modeling gig kind of fell into his lap - he wasn't actively trying to be a model - and really, who would turn down a modeling job if it was offered out of the blue? (OK, i would, but that's besides the point).

anyways, you can see him in a bunch of different magazines this summer (14, to be exact) - including men's health, GQ, out, and a bear's life (my favorite!). in addition to the magazine shoot, they asked him to go to the columbus gay pride festival and work the rogaine booth. all he'd have to do is hang out in the booth (with a life-size poster of himself, which he was very excited about) and talk to people about the product. we decided that i'd go too, so he let the rogaine people know that i'd be staying in the hotel that they got for him. they responded something along the lines of:
"sure, it's no problem if your boyfriend comes. by the way - let him know that if he wants to be a rogaine brand ambassador as well, we'll pay him, too. all he'll need to do is get people excited about the product and direct all questions about it to you (the actual user). he doesn't need to lie and tell people he uses it, though. also, he needs to have nice hair."
luckily, i do have nice hair, so that sealed the deal. rogaine paid for me to hang out in the sun and get people to sign up for the rogaine mailing list. it was a pretty sweet deal.

in addition to rogaine celebrities, one of the contestants from the hit TV show "rupaul's drag race" was there (if you don't know what this show is, open a new tab and wikipedia it right away!). i didn't see the first season, so i didn't know her (her name was akasha, apparently), but i do love me some drag queens, so i figured i should get a picture with her. she was a pretty big deal (celebrities don't often show up in columbus, i guess), so there was a line for her. while waiting, i eavesdropped on the conversation behind me between two middle aged soccer-mom type ladies.
"i don't think that's rupaul."
"yes, it is. i'm sure of it. besides, the sign says rupaul, so why wouldn't it be her?"
these two ladies clearly didn't know who rupaul was. i quickly understood that a disaster was about to occur; they were preparing to walk up to this not-rupaul drag queen and call her the wrong name. drag queens can be MEAN (move over "mean girls," you've got competition), and i didn't want these poor ladies to get themselves in trouble. so i turned around right away to talk to them.
"that's not rupaul," i said.
"oh. see, i told you," said the first lady.
the second lady looked puzzled. "i thought it was. then who is it?"
i explained that it's a reality TV show hosted by rupaul, and that this drag queen was a contestant on the show.
"oh. well nevermind. i don't want a picture with a contestant - i want the real thing!"
and with this, they walked away. poor akasha . . . not only did she lose "rupaul's drag race," but she doesn't even have the respect of midwestern moms.

in the end, though, all turned out well. i got my picture!

Monday, May 24, 2010

back in business

hi all -

summer is here! therefore, i'm back in business. as you all know, the school year gets really hectic for me - especially the end of the semester. however, grades were submitted last week, so stick a fork in me: i'm done.

this week, i've got a few random school-related things going on (even though i'm not teaching, i'm still on contract with the school so need to come in for meetings and what not). next week i start my NYU summer research position (more on that later) which last through june. after that, i plan on relaxing in july and august!

i'll keep you posted. happy summer, everyone!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

quick quick quick!

quick note: sorry for not posting over the past few days. i wanted to get serious about keeping updated on this, but i didn't have internet access at SIOP like i expected. doh! details to follow shortly . . .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

piss and wieners

in my one class, we use an online forum to discuss class concepts. one topic asked students to discuss important job-related skills. "john" (name changed to protect the innocent? guilty?) writes:
People skills are perhaps one of the most overlooked traits that will determine a good employee from an excellent employee. Take for example a nurse: A doctor prescribes a Foley Catheter (a piss tube) for a patient, and he is very anxious about the procedure. A good nurse would go in his room, set up the procedure, perform the procedure without mistakes, and leave. A great nurse would go in his room, talk to the patient, tell him what he is to expect of the next few minutes, and emotionally guide him through. It is one thing to learn skills from a book, and to perform it verbatim, but it takes a person with extraordinary interpersonal skills to comfort a man who is about to get a 14 french rubber tube shoved in his wiener.
i didn't entirely think this was appropriate for class discussion (remember: everyone in class can see it), so i emailed him privately.
I deleted your post from the discussion forum this week. It is not appropriate to use words like "piss" and "wiener" in a public forum, and I suspect some people could be offended by this language. Please be sure to keep your posts PG in the future.
his response:
Understood, though in my defense I tried to make it a little humorous and therefore easier to read. My next few posts will be more professional.
never a dull moment.

Monday, April 5, 2010

i feel so young

i hear people complaining about feeling old all the time. but i don't feel that way at all. so rather than complain about how busy i am, i thought i'd talk about feeling young.

i feel so young because i am so active. i walk *all* the time. everywhere. and i run (obviously). at 31, i am in much better shape than i was at 21.

i feel so young because i laugh all the time. i have a dumb sense of humor and like to make other people laugh.

i feel so young because i have a crush on a boy. his name is gary - and yes, i still feel like it's exciting and fun even though we've been together for awhile.

i feel so young because i stay up late past my bedtime. remember when you were a little kid and you wanted to stay up late, even though you were fighting sleepiness and really wanted to go to bed? that's me.

i feel so young because i still get excited about things. when i see a new part of the city (or frankly a part of the city i'm familiar with and love), i get excited. i also get excited when i find out a bakery sells hot chocolate, or when a book i requested from the library is in. i don't mean happy: excited.

feeling young or old is a choice. think about it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

on the avalanche

hi all -

apologies for not keeping you up to date in my life. i'm going to try harder, i promise!

i am currently on the avalanche. it's been a tough tough tough semester - not bad, just very busy. hard to keep up with work. i've been trying to stay on top of things, but it's hard - i always feel behind and a little stressed. i haven't even ran or worked out in weeks!

at least i like what i do. actually, that's not true - i love what i do.

more soon.